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Tuesday, 30 August 2011

The Body Shop- Lemon Body Scrub

I've had this lemon body scrub for a while and its my favourite body scrub, its a sugar scrub so it dissolves in the bath/shower. 

It has the most amazing smell, very strong scented of zesty lemon and citrus fruits. 

A body scrub is used to exfoliate the dead skin cells which help make your skin more soft and supple. It also helps your moisturiser work as your not just putting all that nice expensive moisturiser on dead skin cells. The body scrubs works lovely with the Lemon body butter which layers the smell. If you use the scrub dry before you turn the water on in your shower it scrubs that little bit harder, which also stimulates circulation. 

The best thing about this scrub compared to others is because it is a sugar scrub it leaves a lovely sheen of oil on your skin that acts as a moisturiser, kind of a 2in1 scrub and moisturiser. 

The price is £12.50 and its available online or in body shop stores.

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