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Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Lush facial skin care

I've had some Lush facial skin care products for a while now, and i have to say, im really impressed!

The cleanser and toner work really well together and at such a cheap price, i would (and have) repurchase again and again. Here's the products i have;

1. Breath of Fresh Air toner- £7.00

2. 9-5 cleanser- £8.95

3. Toner tabs- Vit c and Vit e- 99p each

I have used my Vit C toner tab and it was lovely, i used it in boiling water then steamed my face for about 15 mins, it really opened up my pores and helped to cleanse properly.

The 9-5 cleanser again is a brilliant product and gets rid of all my makeup and dirt.

The toner i use at night and it helps cool my face in this hot weather, it dries really quickly and doesn't make my makeup run. The only problem is the nossel it has to spray, you have to hold the bottle quite far back to not get a hard blast.

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