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Thursday, 4 August 2011

Vo5 Hair Care Range

I've been using the Vo5 hair care range for a few months now and i thought it post about just how much i love their products.

I have been using the "miracle concentrate" for ageesss, i bought it cos of the hype within the beautyblog community and im so glad i did, i never realised how much my hair needed this stuff!

My mum bought the shampoo and conditioner because they were on offer and i have been buying them ever since, they just do what i think a shampoo and conditioner should do!! They wash and moisturise without leaving my hair really heavy or stripped. Because i have coloured hair im really careful what i use to make sure i dont have to dye it more often.

I only recently bought the "give me texture" spray and im not impressed at all! It made my hair all sticky and greasy which meant i just had to wash it again. (I hate the feeling of greasy hair)

*All of the products were bought by me, i was not paid for this post nor am i advertising for Vo5 hair care*


  1. I was looking at this range as it was on offer too - tempted to try the miracle concentrate!

  2. Its th best product i've ever bought for my hair tbh. It just makes my hair so shiny and soft.

    Love your blog btw.